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15 Year Warranty

Many of the sound level meters, noise dosimeters and noise monitors that we supply come with a warranty that extends for up to 15 years. The only requirement is that the equipment is sent to us for calibration every year. As regular calibration is required by most regulations and recommended by noise monitoring equipment manufacturers, this extended warranty often adds nothing to the cost of ownership.

Terms of Extended Warranty

  • Only available for products included in the scheme - shown as "15 Year Warranty" on the product page.
  • The equipment must be returned to us for calibration every 12 months.
  • Reasonable levels of "accidental damage" are also covered. A no-obligation quotation will be provided for situations where damage is not covered.
  • The warranty cover is provided and extended automatically when the product is supplied and when it is calibrated. No additional application has to be made.

Products Covered

All the product ranges shown on this page include the extended warranty. It is included with the Optimus range of sound level meters, doseBadge noise dosimeters, Optimus based outdoor kits and the Noise Sensor monitors.

Products that include the warranty show the 15 Year Warranty information link on their information page.