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doseBadge Industrial Noise Dosimeter

doseBadge Industrial
doseBadge Industrial
doseBadge Industrial doseBadge Noise Dosimeter doseBadge Charger CK110/5 Kit Contents

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AUD $3226.00
Kit with one doseBadge, Reader, Charger, Software, Case
Lead time 1 week

AUD $4212.00
Kit with two doseBadges, Reader, Charger, Software, Case
Lead time 1 week

AUD $5197.00
Kit with three doseBadges, Reader, Charger, Software, Case
Lead time 1 week

AUD $7169.00
Kit with five doseBadges, Reader, Charger, Software, Case
Lead time 1 week

AUD $12968.00
Kit with ten doseBadges, Reader, Charger, Software, Case
Lead time 1 week
AUD $988.00
Individual doseBadge
Lead time 1 week

AUD $2135.00
doseBadge Reader and Calibrator
In stock

AUD $606.00
Charger for up to 5 doseBadges
In stock

AUD $57.00
doseBadge Windshield
In stock

AUD $194.00
Keyfob Remote Control
In stock

AUD $38.00
doseBadge Helmet Mount
In stock

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AUD $3226.00
Kit with one doseBadge, Reader, Charger, Software, Case
1 week

AUD $7169.00
Kit with five doseBadges, Reader, Charger, Software, Case
1 week


  • Strong metal case
  • Shoulder mounted
  • Measures noise exposure
  • No cables, controls or display
  • 15 Year Warranty


  • Noise at work assessments
  • Occupational noise surveys
  • Factory noise
  • Noise dosimetry
  • Hearing protection


The doseBadge noise dosimeter mounts on a worker's shoulder to measure and store the noise exposure throughout the working day or shift. The doseBadge contains a rechargeable battery, microphone and acoustic processor, all inside a strong metal case that clips on to the worker's clothing or overalls. It is well positioned to measure the noise levels close to the ear.

The doseBadges are controlled using a Reader (included in the CK110/x kits). The Reader communicates with the doseBadge over an infra-red link, like a TV remote control. This means you can mount the doseBadge on the worker and, once you have finished fitting it, start the actual measurement.

The Reader also includes a sound level calibrator to check the function of each doseBadge before use. This is a requirement of most occupational noise regulations.

Noise in the Workplace

dosebadge noise dosimeter
Shoulder Mounted Noise Dosimeter

The doseBadge is designed to measure occupational noise exposure in areas with high sound levels (above 70 dB) to determine whether the noise levels need to be reduced or hearing protection provided.

It has programmable settings to satisfy the occupational noise regulations from around the world, such as those for US OSHA and the European and UK noise at work regulations.

doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

The doseBadge noise dosimeter is the part that mounts on the worker's shoulder. It is a small, lightweight device that should not interfere with the worker's duties.

dosebadge noise dosimeter
dosebadge mounting clips

The doseBadge is mounted on the worker's shoulder using two clips. Other mounting methods are available.

dosebadge mounted on worker

Weighing just 51g (1.8oz), the doseBadge has no cables or controls, making it safer around machinery and limiting the effects of tampering.

The dosimeter should be fitted to the worker at the start of the day or working shift and left to measure the total noise exposure.

Noise Measurements Made

The main noise measurements taken by the doseBadge depend on the settings and the regulations being followed.

  • TWA - time weighted average
  • Lep,d / LEX,8h - worker's daily noise exposure, used by EU based regulations
  • LAeq / Lavg - the A weighted average sound level
  • Peak - the maximum peak pressure
  • Time History - average every minute

To satisfy different regulations around the world, the doseBadge can use an exchange rate of 3dB, 4dB or 5dB. It has dual channels, with channel 1 configurable and channel 2 set to make ISO 3dB measurements.

Noise Dose Exceeded

noise dose level exceeded

The doseBadge can be set to indicate when the noise dose has exceeded 100% (e.g. 85 dBA for 8 hours). Under normal conditions, the blue LED flashes once every second. When the noise exposure limit is exceeded, it flashes twice every second.

Start of the Working Day

  • Fit the doseBadge into the Reader and press the Reset key to clear its memory
  • Calibrate the doseBadge by pressing the Cal key
  • Attach the doseBadge to the worker using the supplied mounts
  • Point the Reader at the doseBadge and press the Run key

Leave the doseBadge measuring for the full working shift...

End of the Working Day

  • Point the Reader at the doseBadge and press the Stop key
  • Remove the doseBadge from the worker and fit it onto the Reader
  • Press the Cal key if you want a second calibration
  • Press Read to transfer the results to the Reader
  • Put the doseBadge on to charge to be ready for another day's monitoring

The measurements can be viewed on the Reader's built in graphic screen or they can be transferred to a computer for storage, analysis and reporting. The Reader can download a number of doseBadges before the measurements are transferred to a computer, so it is only necessary to carry the Reader on site.

Using the Reader

calibrating the dosebadge
Calibrating the doseBadge
start and stop dosebadge noise dosimeter
Start and Stop Measurement

doseBadge Software

The doseBadge kits include the NoiseTools software, which is used to download the measurements from the Reader and produce noise reports.

  • Download, store and organise noise measurements
  • View measurements on screen
  • Produce reports then print or export them for sharing
  • Link measurements to people, places or projects
  • Backup and archive noise measurement data

The NoiseTools software runs on a Windows PC, supporting versions 7, 8 and 10. There are no licence restrictions so it can be installed on as many computers as needed.

doseBadge Dosimeter Kits

Although doseBadges and Readers can be bought individually, they are usually included in a complete noise measurement kit that includes everything you need to make occupational noise measurements.

The CK110/x kits include:

doseBadgesStandard kits include 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 doseBadge dosimeters, but other quantities can be supplied
ReaderOne Reader unit is used with multiple doseBadges
CalibratorBuilt in to the Reader unit
doseBadge MountsOne mount for each doseBadge
ChargerFor charging the doseBadge batteries
SoftwareThe NoiseTools software
CertificatesCalibration certificates for each doseBadge and Reader (calibrator)
Carrying CaseHolds all doseBadges, Reader, charger and manuals

Optional Items

dosebadge windshield

Windshield The doseBadge windshield not only reduces the noise from strong wind but also provides additional protection against light rainfall, dust and the noise generated by knocks against the microphone.

Helmet Mount These allow the doseBadge to be fitted on the side of a helmet that is fitted with earmuff mounts. Three types of mount are available to suit the most common helmets.

remote control keyfob

Keyfob Remote Control The Keyfob can be used instead of the Reader to Start and Stop the doseBadge. You still need a Reader to calibrate and reset the doseBadge but the Keyfob is much more handy for use in the field.

StandardsANSI S1.25:1991 Personal Noise Dosimeters Class Designation 2AS-90/80-5
IEC 61252:1993 Personal Sound Exposure Meters
Reader's Acoustic Calibrator to IEC 60942:2003 Class 2
Range70 dB(A) to 130 dB(A) RMS
120 dB(C) to 140 dB(C) Peak
Stored FunctionsAll configurations:
doseBadge Settings, Calibration Record
Measurement Duration, Highest Peak (C) Sound Level
Overload Exceedance, Battery Status
115 dB(A) Maximum Sound Level Exceedance
1 Minute Time History of: LAeq (3dB), Lavg (4dB or 5dB), Peak (C) Level, Battery Level
For 3dB Exchange Rate:
LAeq, LEX,8h, LAE, % Dose, Exposure (Pa2h)
Estimated % Dose, Estimated Exposure (Pa2h)
For 4dB & 5dB Exchange Rates:
Lavg, TWA, % Dose
Estimated % Dose
Weightings"A" for all RMS measurements.
"C" for Peak Sound Pressure
ConfigurationISO (Q=3, Time=None)
OSHA (Q=5, Time=Slow)
User programmable:
Exchange Rate (3dB, 4dB or 5dB)
Criterion Level (80dB, 85dB, 87dB, 90dB)
Criterion Time (8hrs, 12hrs, 16hrs, 18hrs)
Threshold (None, 80dB, 85dB, 90dB)
Time Weighting (None, Slow)
MemoryCR:110A doseBadge: up to 24 hours of data in a single measurement
RC:110A Reader: up to 999 individual doseBadge measurements
PowerdoseBadge: NiMH rechargeable battery
Reader: 2 x AA/LR6 with auto power switch off
CU:195A Mains Power Supply with UK, EU or US plug
OutputsdoseBadge: Infrared to RC:110A Reader Unit
Reader: USB 2.0 to computer
DimensionsMicrophone Apex Ø13.0mm,Base Ø47mm,Height 38mm
WeightdoseBadge: 45gms (1.6oz)
Reader: 400gms (14oz)
Temperature-10 °C to +50 °C Operating
-20 °C to +60 °C Storage
HumidityUp to 95%RH Non-Condensing

General Features

  • No wires or controls on the badge to catch or knock
  • Channel 1: programmable exchange rate, time weighting, criterion time and level
  • E.g. Q=3 (ISO) or Q=5 (OSHA), etc.
  • Extra user-programmable settings for MSHA, AICHE and ACGIH noise regulations
  • Channel 2: Q=3dB (ISO): Leq, Dose %, Lep,d and Peak
  • "A" frequency weighting with "C" weighting for Peak
  • Powered by an internal rechargeable battery
  • doseBadge and Reader communicate using an infra-red link
  • Time history gives graph of noise levels
  • True Peak reading with Peak Time history
  • 115 dB(A) sound level exceeded flag

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Verified NoiseMeters customer, Thu Nov 11 2021

Really good noise meters and associated software. The company offered great support getting us set up.

AMS Solutions

Reply Fri Nov 12 2021
Hi David, Many thanks for the review it is always useful to get feedback regarding our products and support. Kind regards Mike


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